Named Best Business Books 2013: Marketing by Booz & Company’s strategy+business

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For decades, Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn of Siegelvision have championed simplicity as a competitive advantage and a consumer right. Consulting with businesses and organizations around the world to streamline products, services, processes, and communications, they have achieved dramatic results—and now great acclaim with the publication of their celebrated book, Simple.

Simple is a groundbreaking and invaluable guide to achieving the three fundamental principles of simplicity: clarity, transparency, and empathy. It lays the foundation for organizations that want to enhance customer experience as a way to drive business results.

Alan and Irene have been called the world’s foremost authorities on simplification and business communications, and simplicity is at the core of what Siegelvision stands for.

In Simple, they show how having empathy, striving for clarity, and distilling the message can reduce the distance between company and customer, hospital and patient, government and citizen—and in so doing enhance a company’s bottom line. The book is filled with amazing examples of deliberate obfuscation—as well as wonderful examples of companies who achieve great things by simply simplifying the lives of constituents.

Examining the best and worst practices in organizations big and small, they recast simplicity as a mindset, a design aesthetic, and a writing technique.

The book explains why confusion persists, inspires us to seek clarity, shows how organizations that embrace simplicity come out on top, and provides tangible, concrete ways to conquer complexity.