Backdrop for Purpose

A manifesto

At Siegelvision, we believe complexity is the greatest barrier to progress. We help causes and corporations achieve clarity of purpose, clarity of expression and clarity of experience. Once this basic foundation is in place, organizations can motivate people, put strategies to work—and even realize greatness.

Achieving clarity is key—but also a profound challenge. Organizations are often conflicted—working at cross-purposes, following out-of-date practices and lagging in technology. The resulting complexity is palpable—to customers, prospects and employees, as well as to stakeholders, donors and investors—actually obscuring what the organization does really well. And complexity strikes twice, diluting brand impact while also draining important resources from worthy initiatives.

To refocus an organization on its authentic purpose, Siegelvision has gathered a team of smart, open, outspoken professionals who have a methodology for defining and embedding that purpose in all brand expressions and experiences.

We start with a commitment to seeing things as they are and sharing our insights honestly. We illuminate what’s holding an organization back—and reveal the strengths that are essential for inspiring action and driving impact.

Our guiding principle—‘clarity above all’—infuses our work with intolerance for needless complexity. Our instinctive drive for simple, elegant answers gives shape to bold strategies that clients can embrace and champion.

Clarity has ethical implications. It implies honesty, not pretense. It aligns us with our client’s needs, as jointly understood. It suits consultants with the temperament for giving straight answers and pushing boundaries.

It is possible—no, it is likely—that Siegelvision is not right for every organization. Some dread change and resist rethinking their brand. But we have found that, in this era of disrupted industries and leaders hungry for results—Siegelvision’s offer of clear-headed analysis and straight talk is a welcome change.

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