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Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn Will Be Featured Speakers at This Year’s “Financial Services Marketing & Innovation Symposium”

Event on Sep 17, 2014 in New York, NY

Alan Siegel, President and CEO, and Irene Etzkorn, Chief Clarity Officer, will lead the session "Breakthrough Simplicity: How Do Complex Organizations Simplify?" at American Banker's upcoming annual "Financial Services Marketing & Innovation Symposium," to be held September 17th through September 18th. They will explain how having empathy, striving for clarity and distilling messages can reduce the distance between company and customer—and increase the bottom line.


Session Details:
Wednesday, September 17, 2014
4:45 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Crowne Plaza Times Square
1605 Broadway (49th Street)
New York, NY

For a complete list of speakers see here.

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CEO Alan Siegel Discusses His Storied Career with the Native Society

Mention on Jul 7, 2014

Advertising Ace: Alan Siegel, CEO of Siegelvision

Publication/Site: the Native Society 

Excerpt: "I have always believed the most successful people—not just people in the so-called creative businesses—generate original ways of solving problems. They come up with unexpected solutions, get people excited by challenging conventional thinking and, of course, communicate with clarity."

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Forbes Names CEO Alan Siegel’s TED Talk Among the Top 5 for Entrepreneurs

Mention on Jul 2, 2014

Top 5 TED Talks for Entrepreneurs

Publication/Site: Forbes

Excerpt: "'Alan Siegel: Let's Simplify Legal Jargon!' put it mildly, formalities and jargon have made the legal system inaccessible, and fearsome. It’s important that individuals, and entrepreneurs, fully understand the legal system and be comfortable accessing it. The only way to ensure this happens, though, is to breakdown the first barrier of entry: the jargon. Many legal terms scare people, (and they especially scare entrepreneurs), yet in reality shouldn’t be intimidating. Alan Siegel’s TED talk is a start."

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Bottom Line Interviews CEO Alan Siegel About Consumer Contract Complexity

Mention on Jun 13, 2014

Why are Contracts So Complex?

Publication/Site: Bottom Line

Excerpt: "'Today's consumers have more power to influence corporate policies than they realize because of the Internet,' says Alan Siegel, coauthor of the book Simple, which argues that most businesses could increase profitability by decreasing complexity. When many consumers complain about a corporate policy on Twitter or Facebook, the corporation tends to take notice. Online consumer discontent recently caused Capital One to back off contract terms that would permit its employees to visit customers’ homes and workplaces in pursuit of late payments."

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CEO Alan Siegel Honored at the 2014 Girl Scout Gala

Announcement on Apr 23, 2014

Founder, President and CEO Alan Siegel was among the honorees at the Girl Scout Gala held on Tuesday, April 29, 2014.  The Gala celebrated the second century of Girl Scouts in New York City and honored leaders who strengthen our city, embody innovation and are strong, positive role models for the organization's members.

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Retail Dive Discusses the Impact of Siegelvision’s Call for Clarity Survey Findings on Retailers

Mention on Mar 31, 2014

Consumers want clearer communication from retailers

Publication/Site: Retail Dive

Excerpt: "Although this survey touched on businesses that included but weren’t limited to retailers, its findings are important for them. Consumers are busy and want clarity, but they aren’t getting it. The consequences of that are enormous, as consumers abandon rewards programs and online shopping carts. The study notes that customers are increasingly willing to let businesses know when they’re confused or frustrated by policies that make their life difficult. That's good, as long as retailers pay attention to them."

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